Our purpose built 40 meter rifle range is a fantastic experience for all ages.

Our purpose built rifle range is a fantastic experience for all ages.

Our 40 meter gun range has a variety of challenges and targets which is competitive and fun.

Our instructors will teach you gun safety and will teach you to shoot like a pro within the hour. If you have never fired a gun before and are nervous of them then this is a perfect session to gain confidence and skill whilst being in a controlled safe environment.

The hour long session will have you shooting at targets gaining points as you go and tuition all the way. Ideal as a single booking or even as a group,this is popular for children’s birthday parties and for a variety of groups.

Ladies fancy something different for you hen do or away day then surprise the group with this activity. Nerves are present at the begging of the session but within minutes this turns into a great team challenge and is addictive and highly enjoyable.

Price is only £15 per person and includes all your ammunition and an air rifle. We use .177 and .22 air rifles.

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